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2017 Annual Virginia Oil and Gas Awards

Abingdon, Va.- VOGA-DMME Announce Annual Oil and Gas Industry Excellence Awards

CNX Resources was named Operator of the Year Tuesday during the Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy, Division of Gas and Oil and the Virginia Oil and Gas Association’s annual awards program.

Eighteen awards were presented to 15 businesses and individuals recognizing excellence in the oil and gas industry throughout 2017 during the awards program held at the Martha Washington Inn in Abingdon.

KLX Energy Services and Cajun Well Services were each named as Service Providers of the Year and Virginia Natural Gas was named the Localized Distribution Company (LDC) of the Year.

The awards program, now in its fourth year is held annually.

Additional awards presented during the program included those recognizing safety, environmental stewardship, community outreach, industry partnerships and individual achievements within industry.

Several companies won multiple awards, including CNX Resources, Virginia Natural Gas and EnerVest Operating.

CNX Resources, Corporation, which received the Operator of the Year award was recognized for its partnerships with other industry leaders on the design, installation and operation of a pipeline system and natural gas processing facility in Buchanan County; its dedication to continuous improvement; its power consumption and conservation measures; and its collaboration with Buchanan County to increase tourism and boost economic growth potential, through an expansion of the Spearhead Trail System.

Virginia Natural Gas, which received the LDC of the Year Award, was recognized for its innovative projects, strategic partnerships and public awareness program. The company continues to distinguish itself as an industry leader for its dedication to environmental stewardship, commitment to customer service and operation of the safest and most reliable natural gas distribution system in the state. VNG has continued to implement a Virginia State Corporation Commission approved five-year plan to enhance the reliability of natural gas delivery systems by accelerating the replacement of pipeline infrastructure. These projects have been critical in replacing more than 240 miles of aging pipeline, with state-of-the-art corrosion resistant pipes.

KLX Energy Services, which received one of two Service Provider of the Year awards, was recognized for its decade of service ensuring the success of well completions throughout the gas fields of Virginia. The company completed nearly 100 wells in 2017 safely and effectively. A culture of safety and efficiency has been bred into each phase of operations by KLX personnel, who also hold regulatory compliance and safety to the highest standard.

Cajun Well Service, which was also named a Service Provider of the Year, first began working for CNX Resources in 1998. Cajun Well Service offers a variety of oil and gas services within the energy sector, from roustabout work and predictive data trend analysis, to facility and field management. In addition to Cajun's operational excellence, the company also embodies a true culture of safety. In the past 20 years of service, Cajun Well Service has not experienced a single lost time incident.

Additional awards presented were as follows:

EnerVest Operating was named the winner of an Excellence in Safety and Environmental Quality Award. In 2016 and 2017, EnerVest did not tally a single lost time accident or an OSHA recordable injury. In the past 12 months, new programs such as the Employee Safety Committee and Near Miss Reporting Program were implemented to improve worker safety. In addition, new training opportunities such as table-top drills with local emergency responders and a media disaster exercise helped ensure its incident command structure is prepared.

Virginia Natural Gas received a Safety/Environmental/Quality Award for its Longleaf Pine Restoration Project. Through a partnership with The Nature Conservancy to support efforts to restore the Longleaf Pine back to its former prominence in Southeastern Virginia, VNG set out to plant 150 longleaf pines in Virginia Beach - Lake Lawson/Lake Smith Natural Area and Mount Trashmore Park. To assist with the planning and logistics, Virginia Natural Gas met with the Virginia Beach Department of Parks & Recreation, The Nature Conservancy and the Virginia Department of Forestry. Together, they determined the best time and locations to plant the seedlings so they would have the greatest opportunity to grow and thrive. As a result of this program, the City of Virginia Beach plans to include longleaf pines in their future planting strategy and discussions are being held about future project opportunities with Virginia Natural Gas.

CNX Resources, Corporation & Dickson Process Systems, LLC were named winners of a Development/Innovation Award for the Cardinal States Redirection Project. In 2017, CNX Resources partnered with Dickson Process Systems to design, install and operate a pipeline system and natural gas processing facility in Buchanan County. This natural gas processing facility is one of the largest of its kind, in not only North America, but in the entire world. Due to several innovative elements, natural gas produced in Virginia can be sent to Northeast Tennessee and up and down the Eastern Seaboard.

CNX Resources Corporation also earned a Development/Innovation Award for its eight-gang fracturing ball and baffle system. This system has significantly improved both production and cost, with regard to increased stage density. The first prototypes were developed and were placed in back-to-back wells, where multiple test scenarios occurred - ultimately producing favorable results. This breakthrough has significantly changed, not only stimulation design, but also reduced capital spending associated with multi-stage completions.

EnerVest Operating was the recipient of a Community Outreach Award for its efforts in donating money and employees’ time to local charities, schools, clubs, events and churches. EnerVest began a community outreach initiative, within the company, by giving each employee 16 hours per calendar year to use for volunteering within their communities, however they see fit. Employees of EnerVest Operating, LLC donated more than 265 hours in 2017 to the communities of Southwest Virginia. From April 2017 through April 2018 EnerVest donated a total of $22,225 to the local communities in its operating area. EnerVest Operating, LLC has continued its support of the Southwest Virginia Chapter of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. The company and individual employees continue to be avid supporters of the local chapter through sponsorships, memberships and participation in local fundraisers.

CNX Resources Corporation was also presented a Community Outreach Award for its work with the Spearhead Trails System to assist in the development of recreational trails in Buchanan County. On June 2, 2017 CNX Resources signed an agreement with Spearhead Trails to assist Buchanan County in a community outreach project to grow the trail system -- a crucial part of the county’s tourism expansion efforts. CNX Resources allowed for an additional 11 acres of its land to be used recreationally by ATVs, UTVs, cyclists, hikers and horseback riders. This particular project opened an additional 4.5 miles of trails that display the beauty of Buchanan County. The additional trails provide increased economic growth potential.

Virginia Natural Gas, Tidewater Community College & Virginia Gas Operators Association were recognized for Partnership in the Virginia Values Veterans Program. The program worked to train veterans to fill needed roles in the natural gas industry. A weeklong certification program at TCC’s Virginia Beach campus, led by natural gas industry professionals from Virginia, focused primarily on natural gas pipeline safety, code compliance and operations. Participants learned basic pipeline safety standards and proper field techniques, including line locating and pipe installation, through classroom instruction and hands-on training. Those who successfully completed the program, received a certificate signed by VNG, TCC and the VGOA, which they could then add to their resume to aid in securing employment in the industry.

CNX Resources Corporation & EnerNOC were presented with a Partnership in Power Conservation Award. The two companies partnered to better understand and manage CNX’s electrical expenses. By tracking Kilowatt demand and uses through an EnerNoc web-based software program, electrical demand was monitored and recorded and alternative usage patterns enabling adjustments to be made in power usage were implemented. The implementation of EnerNOC’s programs and processes resulted in a 9.3 percent reduction of electrical expenditures in 2017 compared to 2016.

CNX Resources Corporation & Dearing Compressor & Pump Co. were awarded a Partnership in Gathering System Efficiency Award. Working together, the two companies were able to improve the overall operating strategy and gathering efficiency of CNX’s pipeline system. CNX Resources collaborated with Dearing to make use of quality equipment at competitive prices.

The results of this specific project were a major mechanical revision of the existing equipment in the gathering system.

Individual awards were presented as follows:

Beth Stockner was recognized for Outstanding Public Relations. Stockner, an award-winning public relations specialist, with years of experience in the Virginia oil and gas industry, serves as the media spokesperson and marketing consultant for the Virginia Oil and Gas Association. There, she is responsible for developing and making presentations with a focus on education to the general public, as well as developing and maintaining bonds with community leaders and media. She was recognized for continuing to go above and beyond in her duties to represent the oil and gas industry.

Ronnie Keen was presented with an Individual Award of Excellence in Safety and Environmental Quality. Keen, a construction supervisor for Delrick Corporation, manages a workforce of 20-30 people daily. He is responsible for the safety of his employees while complying with all state and federal regulations. Throughout his career, Keen has either constructed or supervised the construction of thousands of wells; working 38 consecutive years without a lost time accident.

Mike Doyle was presented with an Individual Award of Excellence in Safety and Environmental Quality. Doyle began a career in the gas and oil Industry more than 25 years ago as a well tender. He is currently a supervisor at EnerVest Operating, LLC. He has worked 25 years with no lost time injuries. His crews have worked more than 10 years with no lost time injuries.

Bill Harris was recognized with the Outstanding Public Service Award. For 26 years, Harris has served the Virginia Gas and Oil Board (VGOB). A member since 1992, he is the longest serving VGOB representative to date. His leadership assisted in the development of the Nora Field, Roaring Fork Field, Oakwood 1 and Oakwood 2 Fields and the Middle Ridge Field. His guidance promoted the development of the industry, protected correlative rights and monitored pooling interests. Harris is a public member from Wise County, appointed to the non-paid position by the governor.

Greg Kozera was awarded the Excellence in Education Outreach Award. With more than 40 years of experience, three books on hydraulic fracturing and having served as Chair of the VOGA Public Relations committee Kozera, a father, grandfather, registered professional engineer and an advocate of Virginia's Oil & Gas Industry, he currently fills the role of Director of Marketing, for Shale Crescent USA. He is also President and CEO of Learned Leadership LLC, a company he founded in 2006. Throughout the years, Kozera has delivered several speeches for professionals in the industry and has written motivational columns for various trade publications. He has also taught several classes on hydraulic fracturing at the University of Richmond 's Osher Institute and Pierpont Community & Technical College, to name a few. He regularly appears as a guest on more than 200 radio programs across the country, speaking on the topics of energy and hydraulic fracturing; providing the facts and clearing up misinformation.

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